Junior Cert. Results – De La Salle

Junior Cert. Results

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I want to take the opportunity to extend my congratulations to you and your son on his achievements in his Junior Cycle exams.

No class group had to endure a more challenging conclusion to their primary education and introduction to their secondary education.

The challenges experienced throughout this time frame were very difficult to contend with.

I also want to acknowledge their teachers who worked diligently to support all their students to achieve to the best of their ability.

The completion of this state exam provided all students with the experience of this particular challenge.

There is now the opportunity for this class to enjoy the experience of Transition Year as they commence their journey through senior cycle.

All the staff are extremely proud of all our students and their achievements in the Junior Cycle.  We wish them every success and look forward to working over the next three years with a class that are held in very high esteem in the college.

Yours sincerely,

John Murphy,


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