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The aim of Wellbeing is to provide a holistic education, in the Catholic Tradition for all our students.  We are committed to the academic, creative, emotional, spiritual and physical development of each student, in a caring and safe environment.  The wellbeing of the whole school community is at the heart of our school’s mission statement. 

Wellbeing  has been introduced at junior cycle in order to allow the school to adequately respond to the changing and diverse needs of our pupils.  

De La Salle college is committed to the nurturing of the whole person so that they may be guided to respond to the demands of modern life with resilience, optimism and a feeling of ownership. ‘The goal of wellbeing is human flourishing, and flourishing rests on the following…..positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment’. 

Our goal is to outline clearly the school’s approach to the provision of wellbeing for all members of  the De La Salle community, setting out the structure and supports that are in place both within the curriculum and the wider school community. Wellbeing is present when students realise their abilities, take care of their physical wellbeing, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and have a sense of place and belonging to a wider community.  

Wellbeing indicators are thus as follows – Active, Responsible, Connected, Resilient, Respected, and Aware. 

 These indicators are representative of the following key skills that De La Salle College strives to develop in our pupils: • Being a confident and skilled participant in physical activity

 • Being physically active

 • Being able to take action to protect and promote their wellbeing and that of others • Making healthy eating choices • Knowing when and where their safety is at risk and enabling them to make the right choices

 • Feeling connected to their school, friends, community and the wider world • Understanding how their actions and interactions impact on their own wellbeing and that of others, in local and global contexts • Feeling confident in themselves and having the coping skills to deal with life’s challenges

 • Knowing where they can go for help • Believing that, with effort, they can achieve • Showing care and respect for others • Having positive relationships with friends, peers, and staff members • Feeling listened to and valued • Being aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and being able to make sense of them 

• Being aware of their personal values, and able to think through their decisions • Being aware of themselves as learners, and knowing how they can improve Supporting & Promoting a Culture of Wellbeing in School  promotes a warm, welcoming, encouraging and positive school culture.

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