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Graduate Program


Senior Cycle Physics

Programmes and Levels

All students follow Higher Level curriculum. Students who choose to complete the examination at Ordinary Level do so after the pre-exams in Sixth Year.

Subject Aims

The three main aims are

* Prepare the student to sit the Leaving Cert physics examination at an appropriate level and fulfil their potential at that level.

* Develop the students’ appreciation, interest and enthusiasm in physics and that students will extend their learning of the subject outside the curriculum.

* Provide students who go on the study physics, the other sciences, engineering and other related areas of study at third level and beyond a solid foundation for their further education.

Subject Teacher

Mr Con Lynch, BSc, PGDip in Ed, MSc


In 2018/2019, the options are:

* 4th year: Physics/Biology/Geography

* 5th year: Physics/History/Accounting

* 6th year: Physics/History/Accounting

Time Allocation

In the academic year 2018/2019, the time allocated to physics is as follows:

* 4th year: 5 class periods per week.

* 5th year: 6 class periods per week.

* 6th year: 5 class periods per week.


* Mechanics

* Geometrical Optics

* Waves

* Heat

* Electricity

* Electromagnetism

* Modern Physics

* Particle Physics

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