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Students Council

Student Council 

The student council was first established in De La Salle College in 1994.

The student council is a representative structure for the students only, through which they become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Representatives on the Student Council are elected from each class every year. The Student Council is involved in all aspects of school life and it is viewed as an important voice for the students by the school.

The role of the Student Council 

The main role of a Student Council as set out in the Education Act is “to promote the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the board, parents and teachers”.

  • ­To enhance communication between students, management, staff and parents ­  
  • To promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development 
  • ­To promote friendship and respect among pupils ­  
  • To support the management and staff in the development of the school ­  
  • To represent the views of the students on matters of general concern to them 

Transition Year Mentors

The role of Transition Year Mentors is extremely significant in ensuring a smooth transition from primary to post primary school for our First-Year students. The mentors are given training prior to our first years attending De La Salle College and each mentor is assigned a certain number of students.

The mentor’s role is to help students adapt to their new school and to answer any questions they may have especially in the first week. Specific times each week are given in the first term to the mentors and their students so they have time to address any issues the students may have in a relaxed, informal setting. The role of the mentor has been highlighted as one of the most important roles in our First Year Induction Process.

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