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De La Salle College was opened by the De La Salle Brothers in Macroom in 1933. An all-boys school its enrolment currently stands at over 330 students.  It is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School and is run by a Board of Management. The Board of Management consists of four people nominated by the trustees of the school, two people nominated by the Parents’ Association and the final two members are nominated by the school’s teaching staff.

The school opens at 8am and classes begin at 9am. There is a 15 minute break at 10.20am for junior cycle students and at 11.00am for senior cycle students. A further three classes take place before the next break at 1.15pm. The classes resume at 1.50pm for the final three classes of the day before school days finishes at 3.50pm. The school has a half-day on Wednesday and classes end at 1.15pm. Students who arrive to the school late have to report to the office and sign the late book. Also if a student wishes to leave the school grounds they require a note from home which must be signed by either the Principal or Deputy Principal. 

Academic assessment – Class tests and assessment work happens continuously throughout the school year for all years. End of term exams take place in December and at the end of May. All results from these exams are made available to parents. However class teachers and subject teachers do contact parents if they have specific concerns throughout the year. Likewise parents can contact the school if they need to speak with a teacher regarding their son’s progress. Also parent teacher meetings for every year are held throughout the school year. The dates for these meetings are available on the school calendar.

The school uniform consists of a blue shirt, school jumper with crest and grey trousers. The school uniform is to be worn at all times with no exceptions. Students are expected to be neatly dressed at all time.

Our canteen operates during morning break from 11.00am to 11.15am and from 1.15pm to 1.150pm. First year students are allowed out five minutes before class ends to access the canteen. Senior Cycle Students can leave the school grounds during the lunchtime break. The canteen offers a varied menu conscious of the students themselves desire to eat healthy. 

To read about our Patron Saint, John Baptist de La Salle please follow the link below:

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