New School Library – De La Salle

New School Library

Student Library

The school has recently renovated some old unused rooms into a fresh new library and relaxing reading space for all students to enjoy.

This week we had our 1st year students in the new library. Students have been visiting the library during different times throughout the week. Students get time to have a look at the great new selection of books from all reading genres.
Some 4th year students have been making sure the library books are checked out and returned properly each week. The 4th year students who volunteer to help catalogue all the new books. They have done a brilliant job in making the new library and reading seating area an enjoyable space for all DLS students.
We hope it will encourage all the students to read more for enjoyment and keep visiting to choose more books throughout the year.
A very big thank you to all who donated books which made this space possible.

Robert Collins-4th Year Student.


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