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Junior Cycle Maths

Mathematics in De La Salle Macroom.

As teachers of Mathematics, we aim to develop in students:

  • A mature and critical numeracy knowledge to prepare them for State Examinations and for the challenges of everyday life.
  • A respect and appreciation for numbers and a competence in a wide range of skills and areas of mathematics.
  • An awareness of the relevance of Mathematics in the world around them.


Junior Cycle

Junior Certificate Mathematics aims to:

  • develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, for life and for work
  • develop the skills of dealing with mathematical concepts in context and applications, as well as in solving problems
  • support the development of literacy and numeracy skills
  • foster a positive attitude to mathematics in the learner.

Senior Cycle

Leaving Certificate Mathematics aims to develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, life and work. By teaching mathematics in contexts that allow learners to see connections within mathematics, between mathematics and other subjects, and between mathematics and its applications to real life, it is envisaged that learners will develop a flexible, disciplined way of thinking and the enthusiasm to search for creative solutions. Options

Grouping of Students

Maths is compulsory for all students.

Students are placed in mixed ability classes in First Year.

All first years follow an agreed Maths programme beginning with the Common Introductory Course tailored to the new junior certificate specifications. A variety of teaching methods are used to cater for their needs.

All first years take a common exam at Christmas and summer.

All students in Second Year and Third Year have the opportunity to study Maths at Higher Level.

All Leaving Certificate students, who wish, may take Higher Level Maths. Great effort is made by teachers and management to encourage this.

In practice a student’s decision is influenced by the level of Maths taken at Junior Certificate. Generally, if a student studied Maths at Ordinary Level for the Junior Cert then they will continue to do so for Leaving Cert. They are facilitated if they wish to change levels however but the decision is made with the input of parents/guardians and guidance counsellor.

Any students who studied Maths at Higher Level for the Junior Cert are encouraged to do so for the Leaving Cert. Any decision to change to Ordinary Level is the student’s to make in conjunction with their parents/guardians, although teachers will advise students based on their Junior Cert results and subsequent class tests and house exams. Students considering a change in level are also encouraged to meet with the guidance counsellor.

Time Allocation

Each class period is 40 minutes in duration.

Junior Certificate: First year: 4 single class periods per week.

Second year: 5 single class periods per week

Third year: 5 single classes per week

Transition Year: 3 single class periods and 1 double class period per week.

Leaving Certificate: 4 single class periods and 1 double class per week



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