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Senior Cycle Subjects          


Towards the end of Third Year, students are surveyed to establish their preferred combination of subjects to take to Leaving Cert. The school takes great care with this and may carry out several surveys before the final selection of subjects is put to the students. While this takes into account the preferences of the students, it must be tempered by the restrictions that inevitably exist in organising the curriculum and matriculation requirements.

All students take Irish, English, Maths, and Religious Education. They are then presented with a number of blocks of choices and they must choose one subject from each block. This can change from year-to-year, but as an example the options for the 2018 Leaving Cert were:

Option 1:    Accounting / Physics / History

Option 2:    Chemistry / Business / Technology

Option 3:    French / Geography

Option 4:    Biology / Geography

Other subjects that may be offered on an optional, after-hours basis are:

Agricultural Science;    Art;    Design and Communication Graphics;     Economics;     Music

Some students also take on an additional module known as the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP). This is based on self-directed learning, enterprise, work and the community. Students are encouraged to take their own ideas, develop them, put them into practice and evaluate the results. Activities such as industry and community visits, computer skills, interviews with employers, enterprise projects, work experience and career investigations are all part of the module. Assessment takes the form of a portfolio presentation and an exam, and the module counts for points towards Third-level entry.


The syllabuses for the various subjects can be accessed on the Department website HERE:


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