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Poem about current times - studied by second year English class   12/02/2021

Some of us 


Some of us must stay at home 
And not go out the door 
Some of us are working 
Like we’ve never worked before 


Some of us are falling out 
With siblings, Dads, and Mothers 
Some of us are reaching out 
And looking after others 


Some of us are keeping busy 
Doing lots of jobs 
Some of us have given up… 
We’re turning into slobs 



Some of us have lots of friends 
To text with and to phone 
Some of us have no one 
And feel that we’re alone 


Some of us feel positive 
And think that we’re in charge 
Some of us feel anxious 
And fear the world at large 


Some of us have footpaths 
To cycle, walk, and jog 
Some of us have nowhere nice 
To even walk the dog 


Some of us are welcoming 
New babies being born 
Some of us have lost loved ones 
And cannot truly mourn 


None of us will ever know 
What’s really going on 
None of us will think the same 
When all of this is done 


All of us can choose to spend 
Our days in fear and dread…. BUT 
All of us can choose to plan 
For better days ahead 

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