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Tom Downey and Chemistry Olympiad Ireland   12/02/2021

Tom Downey (sixth year) has taken part in ‘Chemistry Olympiad Ireland’, which is an individual subject-based science competition for students. This is to form a team of the best Chemistry students in the country to represent Ireland at the World Chemistry Olympiad Competition. Students are invited to take part based on an exceptional performance in Maths and Science in their Junior Certificate exams. As a result, the standard is of a very high level and the exam is very advanced.

 We are delighted to say Tom has progressed to the next round! Only a very small fraction of students are chosen to progress, so this is an absolutely enormous achievement. A big congratulations to Tom! A very modest, but very brilliant young man. We are very proud of you here in De La Salle college and wish you the very best of luck in the next round on March 6th.

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