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Peer Mediation   12/05/2019

The peer mediation program for Second Year students facilitated by Alec Coakley this year has come to an end and has been extremely beneficial to the students. They have developed skills that will hugely benefit them in their day to day lives. The skills of listening, negotiating, bargaining and debating that they have learnt through role play has enhanced their interpersonal skills.

It also led to discussions on democracy, justice, human rights and around supporting each other in the school environment. It has been a very positive experience for the students in developing interpersonal skills and enhancing their wellbeing.

Some students have volunteered to get involved in a program within the school next year which will be coordinated by Mr. Coakley who has kindly offered to facilitate it. We would like to thank him for his time, effort and commitment to organising the program.

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