De La Salle College Macroom

                Junior cycle Subjects

A limit of has been placed by the Department of Education on the number of subjects that may be taken for the purposes of certification in Junior Cycle - a student may take a maximum of ten subjects.

In De la Salle College Macroom, students take nine subjects for Junior Certificate certification, as follows:         


There is therefore leeway for a tenth subject to be taken on an optional after-school basis, and the school has offered a choice of either MUSIC or ART in the past.

 1st Year students take Technical Graphics for one half of the year, and then switch to Technology for the remainder of the year. At the beginning of Second Year, they are asked to choose one of these subjects to continue to Junior Cert.

After completion of the Junior Cert programme,  each student's academic achievements, along with an acknowledgement of other contributions to school life (e.g. in sport, drama, charity fund-raising etc.) will be recorded in his J.C.P.A. (Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement) award .

All students will also take the two subjects WELLBEING and RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, but not for the purposes of certification.

The syllabuses for the various subjects can be accessed on the Department website HERE:

No classes are streamed in First Year. In second year, Maths, English and Irish may be separated into Higher and Ordinary level classes, based on 1st Year performance indicators. All other subjects are now at a common level. The subjects CSPE, SPHE and Physical Education are undergoing a process of becoming merged into one overall subject, "Wellbeing".



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