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We opened our first ASD class in September 2016 to cater for students in the locality with a diagnosis of Autism with a mild to moderate ability. The maximum number of students in this class is six. Students in this class currently follow a Level 1 or 2 programme. The main aims of the programme are to develop key skills around literacy, numeracy, independent living, personal care, access to the community and preparing for work. The programme aims to develop student’s full academic potential, while enabling them to live as fully and independently as possible. Each student has a curriculum tailored around their individual ability and needs.

 Students in our ASD class engage the level 1 and 2 programmes and some of the highlights include: 

• Daily literacy and comprehension

• Social skills and communication programme 

• Gym programme 

• Swimming 

• Music lessons 

• Cookery sessions 

• Life Science 

• Food education 

• Daily Functional maths 

• Planning events, such as charity bake sales 

• Junior cycle short courses, such as caring for animals 


 In 2019 we opened our second ASD class. This class caters for students with a diagnosis of autism who would benefit from access to both mainstream curriculum as well as an ASD class. The aim of this programme is to offer a support system for our students to thrive academically, socially, and develop their independent life skills. The programme offers each student individualised, in-depth support in areas around functional life skills and social skills while supporting their academic and social participation in school life. S

tudents in this programme benefit in a variety of ways, such as:

• Access to mainstream subjects and classes of choice with SNA support 

• Individualised educational programme in their ASD class 

• Support with mainstream subjects 

• Organisational support 

• Safe space 

• Tailored social skills programme 

• Functional living skills programme 

• Access to different educational levels with the opportunity to mix as appropriate

The co-ordinator of KAL House is Ms Siobhan Angland. 

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Today we had our first two students in De La Salle to complete their L2LP. Amy and Kevin joined us in September 2016 and we are extremely proud of them today in their achievement of their certificates. 

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